How Much Time Do You Have Left?

Does this infographic startle you?

An entire year in traffic? Six years of cooking, cleaning, and chores? And, the real mind-crusher: nine years watching TV, playing video games and surfing the Web. Ouch…

Our limited time on earth is certainly filled with many “must do’s” like eating, sleeping, work.

In education parlance these are our “core curriculum” courses. Gotta eat, gotta sleep and do something to keep the electric bill paid in July.

Fair enough, but what are you doing with your “life electives?” 

In school, I loved sorting through all of the available elective classes each semester. I found a subject I enjoyed, vetted the professor and signed up. So much to learn, so little time.

I specifically remember saving my final six hours of college credits for two electives—both subjects I am passionate about. My time, my choice, my electives.

Guess what? I earned two “A’s”.

As you consider how you spend your time and energy on your life’s electives, please do yourself a game-changing favor. Use your unique, innate talents to guide your choices. The rewards you receive for your efforts will be exponential.

This isn’t wishful thinking or “feelgoodism.” We know through over 50 years of human behavioral research that focusing on our natural talents provides the greatest return on our labor. If you enjoy learning about the “story behind the story”, click here: ROI for Strengths-based Development.

Start channeling your life towards your specific talents today.

Make sure nine years of Facebook, TV or time-stealing video games don’t swallow up your electives. You owe it to your work, your relationships and, ultimately, to yourself.

To discover your unique, innate talents, click here: StrengthsFinder 2.0.

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