3 Things I Learned from Gary Player

Gary Player, winner of nine majors (including the 1961, 74 and 78 Masters Tournaments), and one of only five golfers to ever win the Career Grand Slam, has collected his own “Ten Commandments” about work, life and relationships.*

As we celebrate Masters Weekend, revisit these time-tested insights about work and life from one of golf’s living legends.

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Who’s Your Cornerman? [2 of 3 Part Series]

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of having a coach to help you discover, grow and focus your natural talents.

Today, we’ll discuss a second reason why having a coach is invaluable to your work, relationships and overall well-being.

Instead of Obi-wan coaching Luke in the far corners of the galaxy, let’s consider another coach in another type of corner.

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One Game, Two Coaches–Super Bowl XLIX

Same Subject, Different Treatment

The late Roger Ebert once gave this bit of foundational film criticism insight: “It’s not what a movie is about; it’s how it is about it.”

In other words, the subject matter is one thing, but the treatment of it is another thing entirely. The “how” of a film is what gives the film its meaning, its identity, and what causes it to either succeed or fail.

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College Football Season is Finally Here. What’s Your Home Field Advantage?

Saturday + Fall = College Football

Bring on the tailgating, rivalries and College GameDay. The bands, fight songs, and pre-game rituals. The undergrads and alumni, the old timers and the new generation.

It’s football season.

Fans can’t wait to cheer on their team at their home stadium. Every big play is magnified by the thunderous applause and support of the home team’s fans. This psychological edge is no small thing. In fact, it’s a powerful advantage.

Question: Are you playing life on your home field? Let’s discuss.

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Lionel Messi Exemplifies Strengths-based Teamwork for Argentina

Today’s WSJ: Messi “Idle” 90% of the Time. What Gives?

You might assume that Argentina’s Lionel Messi, one of the best football scorers in the world, has one of the highest “activity” rates of any player on the field–chasing down every pass and stray ball. However, there is more than meets the eye to Messi’s success.

A study by The Journal of Human Kinetics classified how much each player ran at certain speeds in the 2010 World Cup: low, medium and high. For comparison, goalkeepers averaged between 96% and 99% in “low” activity. Messi is currently tied with two other players for top scorer in this year’s World Cup, yet he spends 90% of his time on the field in “low activity” mode!

At first, this seems totally confounding. How is this possible? What does Messi know about performance that we don’t?

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