Had your coffee yet? You may not need it after the jolt from this study. 

Unhappy Employees Outnumber Happy Ones by Two to One Worldwide

Still too sleepy to click? Ok, go fire up the Keurig. We’ve got this.

–only 13% of worldwide workers feel engaged in their jobs. Ouch.

–63% are “not engaged” in their work. Clock in, clock out, assemble 99 widgets, punch psychological time card, get pay check, repeat. Ouch, Part II.

–Even more alarming: Combine the 63% “not engaged” and the 24% “actively disengaged” (i.e., you loathe your job) and the percentage of worldwide employees not engaged in their work is 87%.

For 87% of workers in the world, work is more a source of frustration than fulfillment!

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