Best of the World of Work — Q3 2017

Hello StrengthsLaunchers!

Below are my three favorite articles from Q3 2017.

We learn how to instill meaning into a “meh” job, realize why burning out on the hamster work wheel of death isn’t such a great idea and look forward to what management mastery will look like 10 years from now.


How To Find Meaning In a Job That’s Not Your “True Calling” by Emily Esfahani Smith
Millennials say “meaning” is the #1 thing want from a job, but the majority of workers don’t see their job as a calling. What to do?

Are Long Hours the Secret to Success? by Rob Wile
Focus on results not hours clocked.

7 Skills Managers Will Need In 2025 by Gwen Moran
50% of occupations today will not exist in 10 years.

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