Best of the World of Work — Q1 2017

Hello StrengthsLaunchers!

Flow, success, entrepreneurship, talent management and how to make weekends more awesome.

A few of my favorites reads from the last 90 days. Enjoy…

Regardless of what you’re striving to accomplish, if you’re not consistently achieving flow it’s much harder to achieve your goal.
Is There a Flow State of Leadership? by Evan Sinar, PhD. – DDI

From an old 1995 Writer’s Digest in my files—Tom Clancy on success

Nothing more fun than the kid who has an idea, starts a company and is now living the entrepreneurial life. Love this stuff.
Buy Started Business At 13 Now Making Millions

Investing in employee development, even if it seems counterintuitive.
Retaining Today’s Young Managers by Leslie Brokaw – MIT Sloan Management Review

Pursue “mastery experiences” during the weekend. Happiness increases and is maintained for the entire next month.
How Can You Make Your Weekends More Awesome? by Eric Barker (Bakadesuyo)

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