Trying To Win The French Open With A Stringless Racquet

Not understanding the link between employee engagement and performance outcomes is like trying to win the French Open with a stringless tennis racquet.

Good luck with that.

As we see from Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, addressing and improving employee engagement directly impacts our businesses, customer satisfaction and success.

Here are three ways to put some actual strings on your organizational racquet and drive superior results.

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“Pretty Good Syndrome” – First You Have to Diagnose It. Then You Have to Kill It.

I could tweet out my margin notes from the first 100 pages of “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth”, but it would take a really long time and my Twitter hand would shrivel up into a gnarly case of de Quervain’s tendinitis.

So, if you’re not yet familiar with James Altucher, you need to change that.

There are few modern writers who will challenge your old ways of thinking and spur you to improved outcomes better than Altucher.

Discover if you’ve caught a dangerous strain of “Pretty Good Syndrome” and how his latest can help you begin to cure yourself…

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